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Garage Door Repair – Five Things You Should Know

open shutYour garage door is one of the largest and the most used doors in your home. This is because you need to open it frequently as you drive your car in and out. Its frequency of operation and heavy weight makes it highly susceptible to a lot of problems. It has high chances of getting damaged, therefore regular garage door repair and maintenance is vital to keep it working in the right way. As you do the repair work, it is essential to ensure that it is done in most satisfactory manner. This will not only enhance its functionality, but also boost the safety of your car and other items you keep there. Just as you perform other types of repairs, there are certain things you should know in order to get the best results. Below are five things you should know before you get started working on your garage door repair.

Functioning of your garage door depends on its design and function of its components

Garage doors are heavy in size, meaning that their safe operation depends on the function and design of the motor and other major components. This means that if you exert more pressure on your garage door, you will also break vital parts or make the motor to fail. It is important that you avoid hanging heavy objects on the garage door or even placing other objects on the track. By doing this, you will obstruct the pathway and make the door fail to operate smoothly.

The most common problem involves garage door springs

springIt is also good to note that most of the garage door repair needs involve the door springs. The garage door springs handle the opening mechanism of your door. Heavy weights put a lot of pressure on the door springs, cables and also other components that are connected to the springs. Damaged or broken door springs are the cause of majority of the common problems with garage doors. In addition, they also lead to related garage door injuries.

The two pairs of springs must be replaced or adjusted

In case the garage door repair involves the door springs, you should make sure that you replace and adjust the two pairs. This is regardless as to whether it is one pair of the spring that is broken or damaged. You should also install the right garage door spring size, type and length. This is determined by the type of your garage door. A garage door repair professional in your area has the ability to tell the perfect springs that will work efficiently with your garage door.

Garage door repair is a risky process that require high level professionalism

WiringThere is high risk involved in performing garage door repair. There are high chances of getting injured or even causing more damage to your garage door. You might end up causing damage not only to the door, but also to your vehicle. This is why it is vital for the work to be done by a professional who has the skills and knowledge to perform garage door repair efficiently and safely. In addition, they also have a liability insurance cover that protects you from all such risks. To avoid further damages, you should call the specialist as fast as possible to fix the problems. Professionals have the knowledge on how to fix different garage door problems regardless of their complexity. All this ensures safe and proper operation of your door at all times.

The opener and weather strips must be checked regularly

The opener of your garage door requires to be cleaned on regular basis. It is vital to check it occasionally to ensure there is no accumulation of oil and dust. You should take a rag or an all purpose cleaner and wipe away all the grime to ensure that it continues to function efficiently. On the other hand, weather strips require to be replaced occasionally. This is why you need to check the strips so that you can replace them if you recognize that they are becoming ineffective or start to wear out. All this ensures that your garage door continues to operate smoothly and do repair at the right time before the garage door malfunctions completely. For more information on Garage Door Repair and Safety, Visit Website.

Faulty spring

Leave Torsion Spring Repair To Garage Professionals

Torsion springs are an essential part of your garage gate lock system. These springs take the entire weight of the garage doors and thus are prone to wear and breakage. Torsion play a vital role during opening and closing of the garage door. They are usually fixed horizontally above the opening of your garage door. When you pull the garage door down the springs wind up and store mechanical energy or tension. When you open the door, the springs unwind and the energy on the springs helps the door to lift up, making it easier to open. A garage door with broken torsion springs can fall involuntarily and cause injury or death. Regular replacement and repair is thus necessary to avoid accidents on the garage door.

It is a precarious undertaking

Repair of torsion springs is a precarious undertaking regardless of your experience. When the springs give into the stress of heavy garage doors, this stress will cause even a big metallic piece to fly and hit whatever is in the way with a great force when the springs snap. You can easily get hit with this springs and sustain major injuries such as loss of fingers. DIY guides can save you the cost of labor, but not for a risky undertaking like torsion replacement. Leave torsion replacement to garage professionals. If your torsion springs need repair it is better to contact a skilled professional because they have adequate knowledge and understanding of how the springs work. The professionals can work with minimal accidents.

Professionals will properly balance the heavy garage doors

Garage doors weigh more than 500 pounds and torsion springs help in lifting all that weight. This means the springs have a lot of tension. A wrongful move in repairing and replacing torsion springs can easily earn you a trip to the emergency room. A professional will ensure the door is properly balanced during replacement of the torsion springs. They will properly wind the springs to avoid further damage that could be costly.

They have the right tools for repair

garage door toolsGarage professionals have the right instruments to carry out the repair needed on your torsion springs. They have the accurate tools for removing the springs without wrecking your garage doors. Garage professionals guarantee quality in their works. Some will use parts that come with a warranty. Professionals take safety at heart including wearing protective googles during welding and hammering. They will handle your garage doors with the utmost efficiency by firstly finding out the source of the problem.

They have the skills and experience

Garage professionals don not crop in the dark like you might do, they will easily pin point what is causing the problem on your garage door and set to work on it. Garage professionals have the necessary skills and experience in safety precautions. The torsion springs might only need lubricating, cleaning or tightening of tracks. With proper identification of the problem repair is done fast and cheaply saving you the inconvenience of time and money.

They will easily obtain parts

Faulty spring track out of alignmentEven when you have the necessary skills and can take safety precautions during torsion springs repair obtaining the right parts is a big challenge. Manufacturers and retailers of torsion springs rarely sell their products directly to the public. They want to protect their dealers who sell to garage professionals. They know the product is dangerous and the job is hazardous for non-professionals. In case you find one that is willing to sell to the end user you will highly likely be exploited in price. Garage professionals understand the market properly and will obtain the repair parts at no extra cost.

They will carry do proper measurements

Torsion springs come with a variety of standard sizes. The garage professionals will carefully measure the old springs to know what lengths will work for proper replacement. Critical measurements include wire thickness, the inside diameter of the relaxed coil, the overall length of the relaxed coil and the right or left winding up of the spring. These measurements may pause a challenge to an amateur, for instance measurements are only done on a relaxed spring because the winding adds significant lengths to the coil.

The right spring size and materials for replacement is determined by many factors like the type of door, its weight or height. A garage professional has the necessary knowledge and will perform proper repair for an accurately functioning garage door.