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Locked Out Of Your Car? – You Should Call A Locksmith

In the event of being locked out of your car, you should hire the services of a locksmith. It is not advisable to interfere with the locks of your car because you might mess up with them. Some people would prefer hiring the services of car dealerships, but their services are normally costly. You will realize that most of them are normally based in major towns. This means that you might access them if you normally reside in a remote area. They also take time to get you a new car key and so on. This can actually inconvenience you a great deal. This is the reason why you should hire the services of a  mobile locksmith. The following are the reasons why you should hire a locksmith to help you out:

1. Charge reasonable prices

saving-moneyYou will realize that locksmiths normally charge reasonable prices to their clients. You can always negotiate on the prices so that you can get the best deal. If you decide to hire car dealership, you might end up digging deeper into your pockets. However, locksmiths usually charge relatively lower prices compared to dealerships.

2. Expertise

You will realize that locksmiths are normally professionals in this field. They have the necessary skills needed in replacing car keys and so on. They are well trained and they normally offer professional services. This is the reason why you should hire them if you have a problem of this nature. In addition, you will, realize that they have vast experience in this field. Their services are truly incredible.

3. Offer reliable services

car-locksmith-5Locksmiths normally offer reliable services to their customers. They are always thorough in their work. You can always bank on their services. You will realize that their aim is to meet customer satisfaction.

4. No geographical constraints

You don’t have to panic, simply because you are locked out of your car and you live in a remote area. You should just call a locksmith to fix the problem for you. You will realize that these individuals can move anywhere, anytime. They rarely face geographical constraints.

5. Available 24/7

24-7Accidents normally happen when we least expect them. You might get locked out your car at night and you have to drive home. This can make you to panic and become helpless. In this case, you should call a locksmith to fix the problem for you. He or she will be there to serve you. This can actually help in mitigating the problem.

6. More convenience

Car dealership can help you get a new key for your car but they might take a lot of time and so on. This can really inconvenience you. You will realize that if you are locked out of your car, you cannot access your car. This might mean that you have to use other means of transport and so on. However, if you hire the services of a locksmith, he or she will fix the problem within a short period of time. It is actually more convenient to hire the services of a locksmith to fix the problem for you.

It is true to say that locksmiths usually offer incredible services. You can always rely on them all the time. They are normally equipped with the necessary tools and equipment needed in replacing car keys and so on. They can also manage to retrieve keys locked inside the car. If your car keys are damaged or broken, they can always replace them for you. They also offer emergency services to their clients. They are the best option when you are locked out of your car. Hire their services and you will enjoy the results.

Genie Smart Lock

What Makes The Genie Smart Lock Great?

A new era of home security is upon us as Genie Smart Lock completely has revolutionized how to locks work by infusing all the abilities of a Smart lock into a door handle. This lock is different from others in the market because most manufacturers put their technology into the deadbolt of a door, which brings a diverse array of complications.

Genie Smart Lock, on the other hand, makes things simpler by giving you Wi-Fi and Bluetooth access to the door handle along with long-lasting battery life that would barely need any recharging.

What Makes Genie Smart Lock Great?

This is a one in a million product because there is no other similar device exists in the market at the moment. The best feature of this lock is undoubtedly the ability to lock remotely or unlock, even when you are miles away from the door. Can you imagine all the benefits that this feature can give you? From letting your child in school to allowing a technician to do some repairs, you don’t have to be physically present at home to get work done.

The last thing you need is to entrust the security and safety of your home to a neighbor who just may be unreliable in all sorts of ways. Your family no longer needs to wait outside while you are attending office because you can unlock the door remotely at your convenience.

Features of Genie Smart Lock

Genie Smart Lock 1According to the company, one of the biggest challenges that smart lock’s face is running out of battery while constantly trying to a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network. Genie, however, doesn’t try to connect directly to your Wi-Fi and relies on a mechanism known as Genie Hub to get the work done. Think of it as a data center that relays every possible information to the door lock via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This indirect connection allows this brand of Smart lock to remain charged quite longer than many of its competitors.

The sole reason the parent company of Genie spent so much time developing a new mechanism for smart locks is because they understand the hassles involved in dealing with a lock that has no charge. In case you are locked out and have no way to reach the charger, you may have to call a locksmith and break the entire system to get more access. But all these worries are a thing of the past because Genie Smart Lock has completely changed the home security industry.

How does this lock work?

This lock uses a secondary system for managing power, called Genie Hub, which is a Wi-Fi hub installed inside of your home. The Genie Hub communicates to the mechanism door handle via a technology known as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This prevents excessive battery drain of the Smart Lock by using the batteries inside the door handle only when BLE is active. Wi-Fi signal is also converted to BLE, which in turn is sent to Genie Smart Lock for it to reply back to the user’s command to the Genie Hub. This is a revolutionary mechanism saves energy and gives this Smart lock a battery life of 12 months.

How to operate it?

Genie Lock InstallIf you know how to open a physical lock, then you’ll find this lock, even more, easier to use. All you have to do is download the official mobile app and use it to control your door. You also have an option of purchasing additional access codes that can be given to friends and family so that they can get access to your home without the need of notifying you. There is also a physical key provided, which can be used in case of an emergency where there may be some malfunctioning or error with the electronic components.

Is this product worth it?

This amazing lock fits into traditional 54 mm door holds and leaves no mark when you remove it. Installing it is easy and can be done within just a few minutes. Where else can you get all these amazing features on a budget that would not cause a dent in your savings? If you care about the security of your home and not want to undergo the hassles of installing an overly complicated locking mechanism, then Genie Smart Lock is just right for you.

Commercial locksmith1

What are the duties of a Commercial Locksmith?

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear of a locksmith is locking yourself out of your car or house. However, locksmiths provide a wide range of services other than just to help you get back to your home. Locksmiths perform the same duties no matter the location. Nowadays, locksmiths are categorized into two; residential and commercial. Commercial locksmiths provide lock systems for schools and office buildings. Knowing commercial locksmiths and their many duties will help you know where to look for locks services. Here are some of the duties of commercial locksmiths.
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Install new locks

Installation of new locks is the primary responsibility of locksmiths. A locksmith will install both outdoor and indoor locks. In case an employee is fired and goes with the keys, you can get the assistance of a locksmith to replace the locks. Thus, the ex-employee will not gain access to the office premise. Your office will be safe from the wrath of the ex-employee. The best thing is that the locks can be installed in one day. You can have the installation done when you are working. Thus, you are not inconvenienced in any way.

Master key system

master key system1A master key will come in handy when you lose your keys. Additionally, master keys will give your employees access to specific areas and not other areas. You can get a master key without compromising on the security o f your business. A professional locksmith enables your employees to have access to the premises without accessing critical areas in your business. Master key system is very convenient and flexible. You can create master keys for any business. Locksmiths can develop master keys for manufacturing plants, banks, warehouses and power plants.

Duplicating keys

Whether you lock yourself from your office or car, there is no doubt that locking yourself out can be a frustrating experience. There is no need to worry if you get involved in such a situation. A commercial locksmith will help you a great deal to get back inside your office. A locksmith can create duplicate keys for you and your employees. In addition, you can also get a spare set of keys just in case you lose your set. Locksmiths can duplicate keys for warehouses, shops and department stores.

Open safes

Safes contain relevant documents and as such forgetting the combination can be frustrating. When you forget the combination to your safe, you do not have to panic. All you have to do is hire a locksmith to help unlocking the safe. Furthermore, the locksmith will repair the safe locks. You should not struggle with opening your safe alone. Get the help of a professional and you will save on cost in the process.

Security systems

Alarm SystemSecurity is important to any business. If you are concerned about your security system, then you should get the assistance of a locksmith. Besides, locksmiths can also help in installation of biometric readers. Biometric readers provide high security to your business. You can rest assured knowing that your business is safe when you are not around. Installing security systems in your business premises ensures that only those who work there can get access. Do not hesitate to upgrade your premises by using modern security systems. You will not regret the decision to upgrade your security systems.

Lock repair

Locks are bound to become old and worn out and as such need replacement. A locksmith will come in handy when you have locks that need repair. A locksmith has the necessary skills to repair and change locks. You can have the locks re-keyed. Re- keying involves changing the tumbler in the lock. You do not have to buy a new lock. Just get the locksmith to repair the damaged lock and by replacing the tumbler.

The above are some of the main duties of commercial locksmiths. As you can see, they handle everything concerning business locks. A commercial locksmith needs access to your business to install the locks. It is, therefore, important that you do a background check before you hire a locksmith. If you know the person you are dealing with, it will be easier to solve any issue that may arise. Your business is your source of livelihood, and you should make sure that it is secure. Getting an experienced commercial locksmith is the first step to securing your assets. Go ahead and secure your business premise and get a peace of mind.

The Smart Lock Spotlight – Yale Real Living

Yale LogoThe Smart Lock Spotlight – Yale Real Living works well within a number of gated communities. You can use the Smart Lock Spotlight – Yale Real Living to protect some of your most important real estate investments. The whole system will not interfere with your garage door opening system as well. The auto re-lock option is great, because that can be done with the simple touch of a button.

The Z-Wave Certification is going to make it easier for you to pick up some of the softer noises out there. You definitely want to be able to pick up on some of those softer noises because an intruder may in fact get involved with the process of breaking into your home. You can even have this system installed in your den. The concept of putting the system in your den makes a lot of sense if you have some expensive sports memorabilia that you do not want to have other get a hold of.

Yale Real LivingThe system typically comes in a bronze color. It does not stand out in a room. The bronze nature of the system is something that can make people think about the dignified theme that they want to be a part of a given room. You want to be able to make sure that you can embrace the entire system, and the instructions are easy to follow when it comes to the Smart Lock Spotlight – Yale Real Living system. The living system is something that can take some of the risk out of operating your own business because it makes things easier to protect your property.

The privacy settings allow you to turn off any noises and alerts with the system that may be bothering you. You have to be able to find a way to make You need to know that people can definitely help you with the logistics of installing this equipment. The truth is that a number of different options are open to you, and that you will get help learning about the ins and outs of this system.

Political consultants can even use this system to protect the laptops that they store different files on. You may not think about this, but a good system like the Smart Lock Spotlight – Yale Real Living not only protects your physical property, but it can also protect your intellectual property. A laptop can contain a fair amount of intellectual property. The monitoring process for a home can become easier with this device, and you can definitely turn it off when you happen to be tired.

You want to make sure that you are able to protect your property at any time. The system is so good that you can get a notification about someone breaking in your home while you are spending time out on the golf course. This means that you can swing with your golf clubs while knowing that your property is truly protected. The Smart Lock Spotlight – Yale Real Living is something that can be purchased in bulk if you know you have several rental properties that need to be protected. Business owners are going to appreciate the alerts that can come with this system, whether they are renters or owners of a given property.

Yale Real Living 1You want to be able to get a print out of any potential breaks ins or alerts into your house. The truth of the matter is that you can get this kind of print out when purchasing this technology. It should be difficult to find the right technology that will definitely make you happy in the long run. It may seem like a difficult system to use in a car, but there are other products similar to this that are made by the same firm that can be used for a vehicle. You want to be able to make your vehicle is safe as well, but the text alerts that you can get from the Yale Real Living system are generally reserved for a home. You need to be able to find a way to be as productive as possible in many cases, and not being able to find a way to program a home security system may make a number of things difficult for you.

Schlage logo

An Inside Look At The Schlage Connect

Security is a top priority to modern man, this is not a recently acquired priority, in fact, it has always been a top priority to man. Due to this, man has developed better and efficient systems of protecting himself; unsurprisingly security equipments have undergone immense development over the years. Locks have not been an exception, especially considering the fact that we are currently living in a keyless era of locks. One example of these technologically advanced locks is the Schlage Connect locks. Schlage connects can be described as a superior residential modern technology lock, that keeps your home effectively secure and is at the same time super convenient.

Schlage Connect

Schlage Connect CenturyThe first time Schlage connect was introduced in the market as a keyless electronic lock, it appeared to be futuristic and overrated, but their necessity has come to be appreciated over time. This was clearly reflected by the results of a survey conducted recently in America which indicated that more than sixty five percent of Americans would consider a keyless electronic lock if they could more easily access their homes without compromising their security. While over half of Americans believe that a keyless lock on the door will save them time. This survey clearly indicates the type of society that we will be in, in the near future ,therefore this write up takes an inside look at Schlage connect, and its irresistible benefits.

Schlage Connect Century TouchscreenBasically Schlage connect touchscreen deadbolt (that’s the official full name of Schlage connect) is a keyless security lock that combines advanced features of lock technology to effectively and conveniently offer you security. Schlage touch is available in two styles, Schlage connect Camelot touchscreen deadbolt and Schlage connect century touchscreen deadbolt. Both styles are available in Amazon at around $ 164.69. One major amazing feature of this keyless system is that it is compatible with any home automation system; this allows you to control your home from technically anywhere. Apart from the compatible nature of Schlage connect; these keyless locks also have other numerous features that make them to be of great design, efficient and at the same time convenient. Some of the amazing benefits that this modern lock unconditionally offers include the following;

  • They are super effective. Naturally locks are used to provide security, as for the Schlage connect locks they serve this duty effectively and more than three times better than the traditional locks. This is because they are capable of detecting the slightest movement or vibration at the door. As soon as something is detected at the door, the lock alerts the owner with an audible alarm. This lock normally has three types of alarms they include the following; Activity alert which is set to notify you when someone goes in or out of your apartment . Tamper alert which is set to notify you when the door is tampered with. Forced entry, this alarm notifies you when a significant force pushes the door. With these security alerts alarms, your security is significantly taken a notch higher especially considering the fact that you can customize the alarms to match your schedule or style.
  • They are exceptionally convenient. One of the outstanding benefits that Schlage connection offers is that it provides an easy key-free access to your residence. This amazing benefit is the key to free you from the torture of searching that elusive key after a long day at work. With the key less lock, you will also successfully avoid instances of misplacing, forgetting or even losing the only key to your apartment. The key less system is also highly customizable in a manner that will fit your style and needs as a homeowner. Apart from having your own access code, Schlage connect is also modified to store thirty different access codes (Hence you can allow your family members and friends access to your house with the access codes). The fact that you can literally control your front door from technically anywhere also makes it to be super convenient.
  • It is durable. Schlage connect meets the highest industry rating for security and durability. This is mainly because the screen effectively works in any condition, even when rained on. This also contributes heavily to its efficiency

Apart from the above mentioned general benefits of Schlage connect, the keyless lock system has many other uncountable benefits that are bound to make your experience with keyless security system unforgettable and ultimately necessary. After all who doesn’t want to be in control of the front door of his/her apartment? No wonder Schlage connect is a top choice to majority of homeowner and property managers. Why don’t you join this community too? The benefits that Schlage connect offers are very many compared to the disadvantages, that is if there are any.

Schlage logo

Schlage Locks are Not Just For the Rich and Famous

Schlage is famous around the world for making best quality locking mechanism and security systems. Since early 1920s, it has been at the forefront of lock technology with its specially designed keys that are resistant to tampering and copying. Now, their locks offer many new options in home security including keyless deadbolts.

schlage fingerprintSmall keypad or fingerprint type locking mechanisms are now becoming more popular and have proved their efficacy of being as safe as the old lock and key. When you think of entering a locked door in dark, you can use a lighted keypad lock to gain keyless entry much faster than spending time to find the right key. If you’re not interested in using the key, new Schlage door systems are definitely ahead of the curve with many of their breathtaking designs and adorn some of the most stylish homes around the country.

The new Schlage deadbolts feature use of sensitive keypads. So only a authorized person can enter the door after keying a unique 4-digit combination. You can save up to 19 unique pass codes at a time. Best of all, these keypads are not clunky and obtrusive as you might imagine. Each of them is neatly installed inside a classical looking levers and deadbolts. They can easily fit in any American prep door, without any need for extra drilling. They’re available in many stylish designs including Century, Camelot, and Plymouth in satin nickel, bright brass and antique bronze finishes.

These keypad locks have many parts and among these keypad is most important. It is mostly installed outside. When any person tries to open the door, he will have to type a unique combination on the keypad. Any unwanted process or force would make lock ring out alarm. And if that happens, the owner would immediately understand that someone is trying to make forced entry. This is the reason people love this locking system. Like other electronic locking systems, this one requires battery for its power supply. Company offers a battery for such locks and it could easily stand for about 3-5 years.

schlage keypadThe biggest benefit of keypad locks is that you do not need to carry bulky keys with you to open the doors and also there is no need to prepare additional keys when you lose one. This is really convenient and comfortable. Just memorize the pin code that you need to use for unlocking. And for ensuring more security, you can use more than one pin code in some cases. And you can also change pin code from time to time if you feel its necessary for protection. It’s a simple process.

Schlage locks are available in both deadbolt and lever designers, with either the FlexLock or AutoLock features. With Flexlocks, turn-keys used on the inside allow manual locking. AutoLocks have no thumb-keys or levers on the inside. Just five seconds after closing the door, they automatically lock. This is best for storage rooms, shops and doors installed on basement stairways. They also have an emergency button to ensure a panic-free exit.

Remote Unlocking and Keypad Access

One of the newest features on Schlage lock’s is their extensive network capability. The keypads installed on them can easily communicate through Z waves, which makes them accessible online through dedicated Bridge secure software. This way, you can easily manage pass code assignments through a phone or computer, wherever you are. You can wirelessly block passwords, remotely unlock the doors and even assign new passwords. If you’re the administrator of a particular lock, you can even receive text alerts and emails whenever someone uses the door. The Bridge can instantly recognize the person with assigned unique four digit code. This is great for high security rooms that may contain land titles, cash, bonds or other important documents.

Using the Z-wave network, you can easily add video camera accessories and lighting to your Bridge remote access. Using this feature, you can easily turn on or switch off the lights anytime. You can even set your home lights to turn themselves on ahead and “greet” you. The network capability requires no extra lock hardware or wires. All necessary tools are built in the door piece, including a 9-volt battery. It’s an alkaline battery with lifetime of three years. You can program the deadbolt without removing it from the door. You can do this by using the keypad installed on the lock itself and assign pass codes.

Smart locks

Learn About Locks You Can Control With Your Phone

Whether we admit it or not, technology has changed how we live and work. It has even changed how we socialize, job hunt, go for interviews and even how we work. The home also hasn’t been left out by the technological revolution. There are various inventions and innovative technology products that have been created to make our homes more smarter’. One of the smart products that home owners are continuously adopting in their homes are smart locks. These are locks which primarily use smartphones to be able to lock and unlock doors to your house with even more added functionalities. To learn about locks you can control with your smart phone, below is a list of popular smart locks, how they function and the added functionalities they have over traditional door locks.
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Kwikset kevo.

The kwikset kevo is one of the pioneers in home smart locks. The smart lock helps you manage who goes into you home without having to worry a lot about carrying around a bunch of keys for everyone who accesses your house or having to be physically present for anyone to be able to let them into your home. The kwikset kevo smart lock works by utilizing Bluetooth technology. All one needs to do to get into their home is to simply tap the door knob. This works as long as your phone is close to you. What’s good about the kwikset kevo smart lock is that it also comes with two traditional keys. These are meant to let you get into your house in case you have lost your phone or it ran out of power. Kwikset also has the kwikset kevo plus smart lock which is a bit better than the kwikset kevo smart lock in the sense that it can connect to your home’s Wi-Fi. This makes it possible for you to remotely unlock your home and even get updates as to who has entered in your house.

August smart lock.

August smart locksThe August smart lock is one of the most popular smart locks that are currently in the market. It also utilizes Bluetooth technology to make it possible for users to simply get access to their homes without the need for key pads of a bunch of traditional keys. All one needs to do is simply just get close to it and the door automatically unlocks itself. August smart lock is however smart enough to know when not to unlock itself if you pass by the door while inside the house. Although August smart lock is primarily Bluetooth only, an optional August Connect can be purchased that makes use of your homes Wi-Fi to make it possible for you to remotely lock or unlock your home and even receive real time alerts on who has accessed your home. With August connect, your phone can even receive battery low alerts whenever the lock’s batteries are almost out of juice.

Haven smart lock.

Haven smart lock is unlike any other smart locks that are currently in the market. It is unique in the manner in which it locks its doors, a feature which makes it the more secure choice of smart locks that are currently available in the market. Unlike the other smart locks which simply replace the traditional deadbolt in place of their own locks, the haven lock is situated at your doors strongest point, which is the base of your door on the inside. It acts as a barrier to entry which can be released by either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The haven smart lock also has a foot plate which can be used to unlock the door in case of an emergency.

Lockitron Bolt.

Lockitron lock is one of the cheapest smart locks that are currently available in the market. It has the ability to use both a physical key and Bluetooth proximity sensor for unlocking. Although the lock is primarily a Bluetooth only lock, the company can provide a bridge’ which makes it possible for the lock to connect to your Wi-Fi, making it possible to remotely lock the house and even monitor entry.

Goji smart lock.

Goji Smart Lock1Goji smart lock is similar to other smart lock in the market by utilizing both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. The lock comes with two mechanical back up keys in case you lock yourself outside your house. Goji also has a 24 hour customer care call center that can help anyone who has locked themselves out of their homes without their phone or back up physical keys to get into their homes.

lock change1

Should I Rekey or Change My Locks?

The moment you acquire a new home, a number of things go on in your mind at that moment. All of a sudden you realize that you have new neighbors and new environment. You also realize that paying your mortgage is now a priority among other things. Finally, chances are that you’re thinking of doing some renovation, decoration, packing, unpacking and so on. The list of what you do can be endless.

So, the common question is, ”should I Rekey or change my locks when I acquire a new home?”

changing your locksYou see, there is no one complete answer to this question especially if you consider the fact that there are several things that will influence your decision. Remembering the Realtor’s ceremonial presentation of the keys to your new home will make you feel nostalgic, especially if you begin thinking about replacing the keys altogether.

However, as far as your security is concerned, rekeying may be the best option for you. After all, it’s easy to see the reason why you must rekey. First, if the previous owner of the home had extra keys they managed to keep even after handing over the home, chances are that you won’t have that peace of mind, knowing that they have the keys to your house, hence access to your house is made easy. Again, this freedom to access your home can be extended to people they might have shared their keys with. That is certainly something you don’t want to go through, right?

Here’s the story of one homeowner who encountered this experience first-hand

A certain family man leased a nice home in a good neighborhood. Then one day, he dashed out in his pajamas and bare feet to buy a newspaper within the vicinity. His youngest son followed him, dutifully closing the door behind him, thus ending up locking both of them outside.

Realizing that the door was locked shut, they searched for a locksmith for another 3-4 hours. It was a futile mission anyway because they wanted a locksmith whom they could trust. Suddenly, one of his neighbors mentioned that someone had rented that house 1 year ago when he was building his own house down the street. This previous homeowner came to their rescue, and for the first time, he was surprised that this previous owner of their home still had the keys to the house he had left a year ago. It prompted the man to wonder who else might be having the keys to his locks. It’s a horrifying experience indeed.

To this end, should you really focus on changing locks to your house?

Definitely you should because most homeowners produce a spare set of keys for their homes (as seen in the case above). And when they produce an extra set of keys, they tend to distribute them to a few trusted family members, friends, neighbors and sometimes contractors. The chain is endless.

So this alone should frighten you when you imagine the idea of strangers gaining easy access to your home. When you’ve moved to a new home, you want utmost security and comfort, knowing that your home is safe from any kind of intrusion.

The two options you have

rekeying your locksYou can either rekey or replace your locks. However, replacing the locks is the most expensive, invasive as well as complicated method. Keep in mind that your house will have many doors. What this means is that you will have to replace each lock with a new model for all doors. Stick to this option if you have a strong feeling that the current locks are not reliable. You can also change the locks if you like the idea of upgrading to stronger and more efficient locks.

On the other hand, if the locks are indeed good and your only worry is that there is a set of extra keys still floating around, then rekeying would be the best option to go with. Rekeying basically means that you’re changing the lock so it can be operated with another key altogether. This is achieved through changing the water configuration, altering the tumbler, or just forcing a new key exchange. After these changes have taken effect, the new keys will comfortably operate the locks while rendering the old ones invalid.


Only choose a trustworthy and reliable locksmith to do this job for you. Most homeowners don’t bother to change or rekey their locks once they’ve acquired a new home. It’s hard to understand why this is so yet it’s quite easy, simple and affordable. You shouldn’t refrain from doing so where your security is concerned.

home door locksss

Choosing Home Door Locks

Whether a homeowner just wants to upgrade the security in their home, or has just moved into a new home, changing home door locks can be a great way of improving security inexpensively and easily. According to most burglary statistics, door locks serve a very important purpose because doors are the primary way that intruders enter a home. Even with the presence of a top-notch alarm system, if a door does not have adequate locks, those who reside there are likely to face a significant risk level. Below, thanks to www.parkerlocksmith.org, we take a look at 5 tips to help homeowners in choosing home door locks as follows:

  1. Seek out professionals

Before settling on new door locks, homeowners should enlist the help of professionals in order to establish what type of locks will work best for their home. Professionals could include security professionals, locksmiths, or even members of the local police department. These people have a better understanding of what works well in terms of door locks and should help homeowners choose those that will protect them against threats.

  1.  Make comparisons

Compare the two main types of locks available in the market i.e. deadbolts and spring locks. Most people often opt for the latter as they are inexpensive and easy to install, but they are not always very secure.

  1. Research

Carry out your own research regarding how locks are rated. It may come as a surprise to many, but door locks are actually graded and rated by the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). These ratings range from Grade One to Three, where One is the highest in terms of construction quality and overall integrity. Grade Three type locks are the most commonly used in residential houses but for homeowners who wish to have the highest possible level of security, grade One locks are ideal.

  1. Go for locks with a strike plate and extra-long three inch screws

These types of locks are renowned for their added security against force such as in instances where a door is kicked in. In addition, one can also purchase a doorjamb reinforcement kit that fits into existing doorjambs in order to strengthen it against force.

  1. Have your door locks installed by professionals

installing locksFor best results, it is advisable to have new door locks installed by professional locksmiths rather than doing it yourself. Professionals will ensure that the door locks are installed properly, making them as effective against break-ins as possible. Locks that are installed incorrectly are essentially useless against security threats.

Types of door locks

When it comes to choosing the ideal door lock, there are several variables to take into consideration. These variables include security, ease of installation, and price. Generally, more expensive locks are synonymous with providing greater security, with security typically being worth the money. Some of the most common door locks include:

  1. Slip Bolt

slip boltVariously referred to as a spring latch, the slip bolt is inexpensive and easy to install. Whenever you leave your home and you put your key into your doorknob, you are likely to be locking a slip bolt lock. Such a lock prevents the doorknob from rotating, thus impeding the spring from retrieving the latch from the door. While it helps cover the gap between the doorway and the door with a metal plate thereby helping prevent intrusions, this type of lock is, however, not the most secure owing to its vulnerabilities.

  1. Single deadbolt

More expensive than the slip bolt, the single deadbolt is also substantially more secure. It works by sliding a solid bolt of bronze, brass, or steel into the doorway which is not easily compromised. However, your bolt has to be made from an unbreakable, solid material. Remember, if you plan on using this lock on a glass door, keep in mind that an intruder may be able to shatter the door and reach inside in an attempt to operate the lock.

  1. Double deadbolt

double deadboltSimilar to the single deadbolt, the double deadbolt is even more secure and succeeds where the former is vulnerable. A key is necessary to operate it regardless of which side of the door you are on, meaning that if an intruder were to break through your glass door, there would be no lever to switch to rotate or pull in order to unlock the door.

commercial lock1

Best Options For Commercial Door Locks

There are various options that are available for the business owners who wish to secure their business premises and the best way to do that is to get high security locks which can keep the business secure and safe. Here are some of the best options for commercial door locks.


Best Options for Commercial Door Locks


  • Padlocks2Padlocks: These kinds of locks are the only kinds which are not fixed permanently to something else. This can be used and re-used anywhere you want to use them. These are available in various sizes and types and are available with several different security features which allow you to operate them with keys. Additionally they have the options known as “shrouded shackle” which raises the shoulders of the padlock up to the sides in order to make it difficult for someone to breach it with bolt cutters.
  • Deadbolts: These kinds of locks are very common for the commercial buildings. These are often been installed on the external doors and are been designed to prevent forced entry and it makes the door more secure. The traditional deadbolts does not offer best level of protection for the commercial application so many of the business owners are been using high security deadbolts. The features of high security deadbolts are similar to steel door frames and these are made up of hardened steel alloy which prevent forced entry.
  • Lever handle lock1Lever Handle Locks: These kinds of locks are best option for the interior doors which need to be locked but it should not need to be protected against forced entry such as threat of burglar. These kinds of locks are been used commonly in businesses because its handle can be pushed down easily so they are ADA accessible. These can also be adjusted for the left-handed or right-handed use.
  • Cam Locks: These kinds of locks are often been used for mailboxes, cabinets or any other such areas that are small and require security. These kinds of locks have variety of different options for locking mechanisms and lengths so that the business owners can customize the locks for specific uses.
  • Mortise or Rim Locks: If there is glass doors on front of the commercial building then mortise or rim locks are the best option for you. These kinds of locks provide added security for the glass doors in order to prevent unauthorized entry.
  • Ic CylindersIC Cylinders: The IC cylinders offer the businesses an easy option for keeping their doors secure even if it need to be changed frequently, such as when an employee takes the key with him or her or quit the job. These kinds of locks can be re-keyed easily by the locksmith. The locksmith just switches the core without doing much to the actual door hardware or by taking off the lock. These kinds of locks are also the options for those business owners who are interested in higher levels of security.
  • Card Reader: These kinds of commercial door locks are convenient way to lock as well as unlock the commercial space. They are upscale and scale, yet vandal and weather resistant. These kinds of locks require the card reader to be either touched or swiped by the card. They generally have a LED light or alarm in order to indicate if access is granted or not.
  • Fingerprint Lock: If you do not want the hassle of keys or if you need additional security for your business premise then you should opt for the high-tech fingerprint door lock. These kinds of commercial door locks use biometric technology in order to sense the unique print of your finger and it matches it to the database of the fingerprints on the file which have access to the room. It can store approximately 100 fingerprints and it turns on automatically when you place fingerprint on the sensor. These kinds o locks fits typically on standard door thickness of 1 3/8- 2 inches. These kinds of locks also have key override access for the emergency entry.
  • Alarm Rim: These kinds of locks are simple to install. They are weather and water proof and it surpass the code safety requirements. The locksmiths house them in a tamper-resistant casing which protects the battery, internal hardware and electronics. These are available with audible and visual alarms.