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What To Do When You Break Your Key In Your Lock

“I Broke My Key Off In My Lock – What To Do” This is a question that worries many homeowners. However, when you have broken your key in your lock, you do not have to worry as this is a salvageable situation, all you need to do is to call a locksmith near you. Many Locksmiths can piece together a broken key and make a new key from the broken one. However, the condition of the key is important. If you break the key and there are several pieces and some are slivers, then even the best locksmiths can do is to replace the entire lock system. For more, visit website of the guys at ATL Locksmith Pros.

car-locksmith4Bent keys are also able to be copied by Mobile Locksmiths. However, in most cases, you can take a bent key into a locksmith shop rather than calling a locksmith. This depends, of course, on whether the bent key is for your transportation. It is important for you to not attempt to straighten the key yourself as you may end up breaking it or causing enough damage to it to prevent a copy from being made.

If you lose your keys, then the only option that the locksmith has is to replace the lock. This is where the real cost comes in for a locksmiths services, you are not only paying them for their time and labor, you are also paying for the products that they use to replace your lock.

In most cases, Locksmiths carry around everything they need to help their customers. This means that their cars have replacement deadbolts, doorknobs, and even key columns for your car. There may be some occasions that they do not have the necessary items to replace a lock, but overall they will have everything that they need. This does not mean that you have to use them to replace the locks. You can have them remove the old lock and you can do the rest if you like. However, if you aren’t handy, this isn’t recommended. However, with new technology and the different types of locks available, the locking technology requires locksmiths to expand their knowledge of the profession. You will find locksmith service in almost every city. These are specialized services that not all professionals offer.

The locksmith service providers may not be making locks but perform functions like lock-picking, repairing locks as well as offer urgent key services. If you find someone breaking into your house, you need to call the police, but you may also like to call a locksmith service. Are you wondering why you should call them in addition to calling the police? Well, they will be able to tell you how the perpetrator broke in and also offer you other options to change your lock. It is important that you ensure that your home is safe and secure. This you can do by installing a secure lock system in your home. Locksmith service providers are quite efficient and they can offer different options to choose from. What kind of lock you want to install for your home depends on the kind of home that you have and the level of security that you are looking for.

24-7You can hire Locksmith services to find out how best to secure your home. They can test your entrances and tell you how secure your home is or what you need to do to secure it further. You must also remember that if you are calling a locksmith instead of the 24 hr locksmith during off hours, you may have to pay a surcharge amount. It is advisable that you call a 24 hr service to avoid any surcharge for off hours. These services usually have a customer care expert always available even at wee hours of the day or night. You will also find several companies offering services as well as technologies that are beyond the normal or typical replacement and lock-picking. Today, homeowners have become more conscious about the security in their homes. Electronic and magnetic locks have become rather accessible to the homeowners. Locksmith services offer a combination of services when it comes to home security. This includes secure doors, intercoms, secure windows, and gates.

With so many different locks developed by locksmith services, it is going to be quite difficult for the burglars to break into homes so easily. Earlier it was rather easy for the burglars to enter homes without the knowledge of the homeowners. With all the different kinds of technology incorporated into locks the by the locksmith services have provided scope for a secure home.

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An Inside Look At The Schlage Connect

Security is a top priority to modern man, this is not a recently acquired priority, in fact, it has always been a top priority to man. Due to this, man has developed better and efficient systems of protecting himself; unsurprisingly security equipments have undergone immense development over the years. Locks have not been an exception, especially considering the fact that we are currently living in a keyless era of locks. One example of these technologically advanced locks is the Schlage Connect locks. Schlage connects can be described as a superior residential modern technology lock, that keeps your home effectively secure and is at the same time super convenient.

Schlage Connect

Schlage Connect CenturyThe first time Schlage connect was introduced in the market as a keyless electronic lock, it appeared to be futuristic and overrated, but their necessity has come to be appreciated over time. This was clearly reflected by the results of a survey conducted recently in America which indicated that more than sixty five percent of Americans would consider a keyless electronic lock if they could more easily access their homes without compromising their security. While over half of Americans believe that a keyless lock on the door will save them time. This survey clearly indicates the type of society that we will be in, in the near future ,therefore this write up takes an inside look at Schlage connect, and its irresistible benefits.

Schlage Connect Century TouchscreenBasically Schlage connect touchscreen deadbolt (that’s the official full name of Schlage connect) is a keyless security lock that combines advanced features of lock technology to effectively and conveniently offer you security. Schlage touch is available in two styles, Schlage connect Camelot touchscreen deadbolt and Schlage connect century touchscreen deadbolt. Both styles are available in Amazon at around $ 164.69. One major amazing feature of this keyless system is that it is compatible with any home automation system; this allows you to control your home from technically anywhere. Apart from the compatible nature of Schlage connect; these keyless locks also have other numerous features that make them to be of great design, efficient and at the same time convenient. Some of the amazing benefits that this modern lock unconditionally offers include the following;

  • They are super effective. Naturally locks are used to provide security, as for the Schlage connect locks they serve this duty effectively and more than three times better than the traditional locks. This is because they are capable of detecting the slightest movement or vibration at the door. As soon as something is detected at the door, the lock alerts the owner with an audible alarm. This lock normally has three types of alarms they include the following; Activity alert which is set to notify you when someone goes in or out of your apartment . Tamper alert which is set to notify you when the door is tampered with. Forced entry, this alarm notifies you when a significant force pushes the door. With these security alerts alarms, your security is significantly taken a notch higher especially considering the fact that you can customize the alarms to match your schedule or style.
  • They are exceptionally convenient. One of the outstanding benefits that Schlage connection offers is that it provides an easy key-free access to your residence. This amazing benefit is the key to free you from the torture of searching that elusive key after a long day at work. With the key less lock, you will also successfully avoid instances of misplacing, forgetting or even losing the only key to your apartment. The key less system is also highly customizable in a manner that will fit your style and needs as a homeowner. Apart from having your own access code, Schlage connect is also modified to store thirty different access codes (Hence you can allow your family members and friends access to your house with the access codes). The fact that you can literally control your front door from technically anywhere also makes it to be super convenient.
  • It is durable. Schlage connect meets the highest industry rating for security and durability. This is mainly because the screen effectively works in any condition, even when rained on. This also contributes heavily to its efficiency

Apart from the above mentioned general benefits of Schlage connect, the keyless lock system has many other uncountable benefits that are bound to make your experience with keyless security system unforgettable and ultimately necessary. After all who doesn’t want to be in control of the front door of his/her apartment? No wonder Schlage connect is a top choice to majority of homeowner and property managers. Why don’t you join this community too? The benefits that Schlage connect offers are very many compared to the disadvantages, that is if there are any.

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Why Change Your Locks When Moving Into A New Home?

Moving to a new home? Have you closed on a property, and simply need your keys to move in? If so, make sure you take that set of keys and immediately replace them with a new set. After purchasing a new home or moving into a home you are going to be living in for quite some time, it is in your best interest to immediately change the keys. But why? There are a handful of reasons you should change the locks, and have your own personal set of keys made, these are a few of those reasons, thanks to littletonlocksmith.net.

1. More than one person has the previous set –

multiple keysThe prior owner might have made a set for the kids, a spare set for a maid service company, and several spare keys for family members in the event of an emergency. Do you really want that many keys for your home floating around out there? Especially in the hands of strangers you don’t know and have never met? The answer to both questions is likely not. Even if the previous owners only made one set of spare keys, “just in case,” you are better off replacing the old locks, and having a fresh start for you and your family.

2. What if those keys get into the wrong hands? –

Remember all those spare keys the previous owners made? Well, what if the kids lose one of the spare keys? Whose hands are the keys going to get into? You don’t want several keys floating around out there, especially in the hands of thieves, burglars, or individuals who are simply out there to do bad. So, why not change those locks? You have made a great investment purchasing your home, so you might as well protect it and spend a few more dollars to have new keys made, and change out old locks. Its better safe than sorry when protecting your home, your family, and your new investment.

3. More protection is available out there. –

Safe homeWhen you change the locks and get new keys made, there are many new security features available today. This is going to further protect your home. Today, you can have new locks made with fingerprint recognition technologies, or special chips built into the keys and locks, so only a certain set will open the doors. You can have deadbolts installed, and other safety lock sets made for your home. Regardless of the level of protection you desire as a new homeowner, when you change your locks you have several options and several high security lock and key options to choose from. If you have decided to invest in a new home you should go ahead and protect it with the latest, state of the art locks and keys available today.

4. Privacy & peace of mind –

When you are aware of the fact that you (and family members) are the only ones who have keys to your home, this affords you the privacy you seek, and peace of mind in knowing people you don’t want in your home, can’t get into it. You don’t want contractors who did work for the previous owners slipping by and entering your home, nor do you want cousins or family members of previous owners just dropping in to say hi, because they weren’t aware the previous owners sold the home. So, why not go ahead and afford yourself the peace of mind in knowing that only the people you want in your home have a set of keys for your home?

If for no other reason changing the locks and having new keys made for your home is something that is so simple to do today and it is something that is quite affordable with the right locksmith. So, you don’t have to worry about spending an arm and a leg to have this work done. In addition to the ease of having these services rendered and affordability, the reasons above are good enough for most people who have made a huge investment of buying a home, to consider further protecting it by changing the locks. It is quick, it is simple, and when you hire the right locksmith for services, there are many options and new technologies to choose from, which can further protect and safeguard your new home today.