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Why Change Your Locks When Moving Into A New Home?

Moving to a new home? Have you closed on a property, and simply need your keys to move in? If so, make sure you take that set of keys and immediately replace them with a new set. After purchasing a new home or moving into a home you are going to be living in for quite some time, it is in your best interest to immediately change the keys. But why? There are a handful of reasons you should change the locks, and have your own personal set of keys made, these are a few of those reasons, thanks to littletonlocksmith.net.

1. More than one person has the previous set –

multiple keysThe prior owner might have made a set for the kids, a spare set for a maid service company, and several spare keys for family members in the event of an emergency. Do you really want that many keys for your home floating around out there? Especially in the hands of strangers you don’t know and have never met? The answer to both questions is likely not. Even if the previous owners only made one set of spare keys, “just in case,” you are better off replacing the old locks, and having a fresh start for you and your family.

2. What if those keys get into the wrong hands? –

Remember all those spare keys the previous owners made? Well, what if the kids lose one of the spare keys? Whose hands are the keys going to get into? You don’t want several keys floating around out there, especially in the hands of thieves, burglars, or individuals who are simply out there to do bad. So, why not change those locks? You have made a great investment purchasing your home, so you might as well protect it and spend a few more dollars to have new keys made, and change out old locks. Its better safe than sorry when protecting your home, your family, and your new investment.

3. More protection is available out there. –

Safe homeWhen you change the locks and get new keys made, there are many new security features available today. This is going to further protect your home. Today, you can have new locks made with fingerprint recognition technologies, or special chips built into the keys and locks, so only a certain set will open the doors. You can have deadbolts installed, and other safety lock sets made for your home. Regardless of the level of protection you desire as a new homeowner, when you change your locks you have several options and several high security lock and key options to choose from. If you have decided to invest in a new home you should go ahead and protect it with the latest, state of the art locks and keys available today.

4. Privacy & peace of mind –

When you are aware of the fact that you (and family members) are the only ones who have keys to your home, this affords you the privacy you seek, and peace of mind in knowing people you don’t want in your home, can’t get into it. You don’t want contractors who did work for the previous owners slipping by and entering your home, nor do you want cousins or family members of previous owners just dropping in to say hi, because they weren’t aware the previous owners sold the home. So, why not go ahead and afford yourself the peace of mind in knowing that only the people you want in your home have a set of keys for your home?

If for no other reason changing the locks and having new keys made for your home is something that is so simple to do today and it is something that is quite affordable with the right locksmith. So, you don’t have to worry about spending an arm and a leg to have this work done. In addition to the ease of having these services rendered and affordability, the reasons above are good enough for most people who have made a huge investment of buying a home, to consider further protecting it by changing the locks. It is quick, it is simple, and when you hire the right locksmith for services, there are many options and new technologies to choose from, which can further protect and safeguard your new home today.