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Locked Out Of Your Car? – You Should Call A Locksmith

In the event of being locked out of your car, you should hire the services of a locksmith. It is not advisable to interfere with the locks of your car because you might mess up with them. Some people would prefer hiring the services of car dealerships, but their services are normally costly. You will realize that most of them are normally based in major towns. This means that you might access them if you normally reside in a remote area. They also take time to get you a new car key and so on. This can actually inconvenience you a great deal. This is the reason why you should hire the services of a  mobile locksmith. The following are the reasons why you should hire a locksmith to help you out:

1. Charge reasonable prices

saving-moneyYou will realize that locksmiths normally charge reasonable prices to their clients. You can always negotiate on the prices so that you can get the best deal. If you decide to hire car dealership, you might end up digging deeper into your pockets. However, locksmiths usually charge relatively lower prices compared to dealerships.

2. Expertise

You will realize that locksmiths are normally professionals in this field. They have the necessary skills needed in replacing car keys and so on. They are well trained and they normally offer professional services. This is the reason why you should hire them if you have a problem of this nature. In addition, you will, realize that they have vast experience in this field. Their services are truly incredible.

3. Offer reliable services

car-locksmith-5Locksmiths normally offer reliable services to their customers. They are always thorough in their work. You can always bank on their services. You will realize that their aim is to meet customer satisfaction.

4. No geographical constraints

You don’t have to panic, simply because you are locked out of your car and you live in a remote area. You should just call a locksmith to fix the problem for you. You will realize that these individuals can move anywhere, anytime. They rarely face geographical constraints.

5. Available 24/7

24-7Accidents normally happen when we least expect them. You might get locked out your car at night and you have to drive home. This can make you to panic and become helpless. In this case, you should call a locksmith to fix the problem for you. He or she will be there to serve you. This can actually help in mitigating the problem.

6. More convenience

Car dealership can help you get a new key for your car but they might take a lot of time and so on. This can really inconvenience you. You will realize that if you are locked out of your car, you cannot access your car. This might mean that you have to use other means of transport and so on. However, if you hire the services of a locksmith, he or she will fix the problem within a short period of time. It is actually more convenient to hire the services of a locksmith to fix the problem for you.

It is true to say that locksmiths usually offer incredible services. You can always rely on them all the time. They are normally equipped with the necessary tools and equipment needed in replacing car keys and so on. They can also manage to retrieve keys locked inside the car. If your car keys are damaged or broken, they can always replace them for you. They also offer emergency services to their clients. They are the best option when you are locked out of your car. Hire their services and you will enjoy the results.

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An Inside Look At The Schlage Connect

Security is a top priority to modern man, this is not a recently acquired priority, in fact, it has always been a top priority to man. Due to this, man has developed better and efficient systems of protecting himself; unsurprisingly security equipments have undergone immense development over the years. Locks have not been an exception, especially considering the fact that we are currently living in a keyless era of locks. One example of these technologically advanced locks is the Schlage Connect locks. Schlage connects can be described as a superior residential modern technology lock, that keeps your home effectively secure and is at the same time super convenient.

Schlage Connect

Schlage Connect CenturyThe first time Schlage connect was introduced in the market as a keyless electronic lock, it appeared to be futuristic and overrated, but their necessity has come to be appreciated over time. This was clearly reflected by the results of a survey conducted recently in America which indicated that more than sixty five percent of Americans would consider a keyless electronic lock if they could more easily access their homes without compromising their security. While over half of Americans believe that a keyless lock on the door will save them time. This survey clearly indicates the type of society that we will be in, in the near future ,therefore this write up takes an inside look at Schlage connect, and its irresistible benefits.

Schlage Connect Century TouchscreenBasically Schlage connect touchscreen deadbolt (that’s the official full name of Schlage connect) is a keyless security lock that combines advanced features of lock technology to effectively and conveniently offer you security. Schlage touch is available in two styles, Schlage connect Camelot touchscreen deadbolt and Schlage connect century touchscreen deadbolt. Both styles are available in Amazon at around $ 164.69. One major amazing feature of this keyless system is that it is compatible with any home automation system; this allows you to control your home from technically anywhere. Apart from the compatible nature of Schlage connect; these keyless locks also have other numerous features that make them to be of great design, efficient and at the same time convenient. Some of the amazing benefits that this modern lock unconditionally offers include the following;

  • They are super effective. Naturally locks are used to provide security, as for the Schlage connect locks they serve this duty effectively and more than three times better than the traditional locks. This is because they are capable of detecting the slightest movement or vibration at the door. As soon as something is detected at the door, the lock alerts the owner with an audible alarm. This lock normally has three types of alarms they include the following; Activity alert which is set to notify you when someone goes in or out of your apartment . Tamper alert which is set to notify you when the door is tampered with. Forced entry, this alarm notifies you when a significant force pushes the door. With these security alerts alarms, your security is significantly taken a notch higher especially considering the fact that you can customize the alarms to match your schedule or style.
  • They are exceptionally convenient. One of the outstanding benefits that Schlage connection offers is that it provides an easy key-free access to your residence. This amazing benefit is the key to free you from the torture of searching that elusive key after a long day at work. With the key less lock, you will also successfully avoid instances of misplacing, forgetting or even losing the only key to your apartment. The key less system is also highly customizable in a manner that will fit your style and needs as a homeowner. Apart from having your own access code, Schlage connect is also modified to store thirty different access codes (Hence you can allow your family members and friends access to your house with the access codes). The fact that you can literally control your front door from technically anywhere also makes it to be super convenient.
  • It is durable. Schlage connect meets the highest industry rating for security and durability. This is mainly because the screen effectively works in any condition, even when rained on. This also contributes heavily to its efficiency

Apart from the above mentioned general benefits of Schlage connect, the keyless lock system has many other uncountable benefits that are bound to make your experience with keyless security system unforgettable and ultimately necessary. After all who doesn’t want to be in control of the front door of his/her apartment? No wonder Schlage connect is a top choice to majority of homeowner and property managers. Why don’t you join this community too? The benefits that Schlage connect offers are very many compared to the disadvantages, that is if there are any.


What Is Re-Keying?

Re-keying is basically the process of replacing tumblers in the lock cylinder with new ones. In most cases, lock tumblers vary in terms of size. Re-keying, therefore, means that a set of tumblers with a different size will be used in your door locks. After re-keying, new keys will be required in order to open the locks. In other words, the old keys will be deemed useless after the process. Only keys that coincide with the new tumblers can be used to open the lock in question.

It is important to bear in mind that it is possible to buy similar tumblers for all your house locks, such that a single key can be used allover. This is actually the option that most people consider.

Most people are usually torn between re-keying and buying new locks. After all, both of them are considerable options. If you are in such a situation, all you need is to weigh the benefits of both re-keying and lock replacement. Arguably, there are more benefits in the former than the latter. Thanks to the guys at lakewoodcolocksmith.com for all the useful information.

What Are The Benefits of Re-Keying

One of the reasons why most people opt for re-keying is the many benefits connected. Some of these benefits include:

fast rekey• Fast- The very first thing you will like about re-keying is the duration it takes to complete the task. It takes a remarkably short time to replace the tumblers of your door locks with new ones. As long as you are dealing with a professional locksmith, the process will take a very short time.

Lock replacement may not be the same in terms of installation time. Note that fitting and installation of new locks is something that must be done with utmost keenness and accuracy hence more time is required.

Save money• Cost- Of course you must operate within your budgetary limits when working on your lock system. For those with a small budget, re-keying is certainly the best option. Why? The process does not call for hefty charges. Considering that the process is neither long nor complex, locksmiths charge a lower amount than in the case of lock replacement.

Aside from that, the amount that is required in buying new tumblers is far much lower than the amount needed in buying new locks. Actually, you will be surprised to know that the price of tumblers is lower by 50% as compared to that of new locks.

• Convenience- Remember that it is possible for you use similar tumblers in all your house locks. This implies that you are spared the burden of carrying a bunch of keys always. It is rather inconveniencing and time wasting to keep search for a key meant to open a certain lock in your house. The good thing about re-keying is that the hassle of sorting out keys can be brought to a halt.

• Not Tampering With The Doors- When it comes to re-keying, you will not have to uninstall the entire lock. All you need is to access the internal part of the lock, particularly the cylinder. This means that the appearance of your doors will not be tampered with. No one will actually tell that there are changes made on the locks.

• Better Security- Re-keying is one of the strategies used in beefing up security in homes and commercial premises. If, for instance, you are relocating to new premises, it may be hard to tell if the former tenant has a spare key. Re-keying gives you full guarantee that you are the only one in possession of the keys.

What Are The Downsides of Re-Keying?

The main problem with re-keying is that you are still prone to master keying. In other words, your house locks can be accessed with the help of a master key despite the fact that you have changed the tumblers.

Aside from that, not all locks can be re-keyed. Some brands are not customizable and this means that the only option at your disposal is lock replacement.


Instead of buying new locks for your house, it would be best to consider re-keying. Doing so will spare you the hassle that may come with other options. It is absolutely necessary to ensure that you seek the services of a professional locksmith since that is the only way you can be assured of successful and flawless re-keying.